Nick Jaina

“I’d feel embarrassed describing Nick Jaina as a genius outright, and I’m sure he’d hate that too, but it’s so tempting– because he is so clearly the real deal.”
– Portland Mercury


Nick is a co-founder and musical director of the Satellite Ballet and Collective in New York City. He has composed the music for three ballets and three contemporary dances with that group, featuring dancers from the New York City Ballet, Ten Hairy Legs, and Juilliard, performing at the Baryshnikov Center and the Joyce Theater. Their most recent performance was two sold-out shows at Brooklyn Academy of Music in May 2014. Of that show, the New York Times wrote, “[The} pure, pungent, earthy music for strings, piano, and percussion… was the most physically bracing part of the night.”


He is currently working on a one-man theatrical storytelling and music performance called The Hole in The Coffin, which will debut at the Fringe Festival in New Orleans in November of 2014, with further performances at the Push Festival in Vancouver, Canada and different festivals around the world.


Nick Jaina is a musician and writer from Portland, Oregon.


Make a Life 2:36

Not a Machine (Instrumental) 2:14

Make a Life (Instrumental) 2:36

When The Blind Man Rings That Bell 2:17

Whisky Riddle 2:53

I'll Do The Time 2:26

James 3:46

Matrimonial Bed 3:25

Missing Awhile 3:30

No One Gives Their Heart Away 2:08

Once But Never Again 2:45

Ortolan 3:16

Sebastopol 4:24

Semoline 2:00

Sleep Child 3:23

Strawberry Man 2:27

Travelogue (Instrumental) 1:24

Travelogue 1:24

Telepathic Teleplay (Instrumental) 2:12

Telepathic Teleplay 2:12

Starling Cross (Instrumental) 2:30

Starling Cross 2:26

Saw You On the Train Last Night (Instrumental) 1:44

Saw You On the Train Last Night 1:40

These Fair Hands (Instrumental) 3:34

High Beams (Instrumental) 1:29

Try, Try Again (Instrumental) 3:45

Awake When I'm Sleeping 3:05

Chess Club 3:15

Mississippi Turn-Around (Instrumental) 3:45

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