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“As a songwriter and producer, I’m pretty interested in the origin of every sound within a beat.”


I love rap music. I originally started making rap beats to provide a foundation for these daily freestyle workouts I was doing last winter and spring. I have zero ambition to become a rapper, but freestyling is really good for you. It’s a tremendous mental workout that, I imagine, kick-starts creativity and general cleverness in social situations. It can also serve as a type of meditation and even a physical workout if you have the space.

Making beats for myself eventually morphed into just making beats for their own sake, pretty much every day. It’s addictive. As a songwriter and producer, I’m pretty interested in the origin of every sound within a beat. That’s why all the samples are original (except for the drum machines). Sometimes I sang or played something specifically for the beat, and other times I sampled some song I had recorded prior.


Niko Kwiatkowski is a musician and general magic-maker in Portland, Oregon. When he’s not creating music in one of his many projects, you can find him fighting wildfires around the Northwest.


That's All 4:10

Real 2:51

Odd Hours 3:06

Black Jacket 3:45

Take Control 2:19

Long Grind 3:15

Slow Motion Hippy 1:42

Adventura 3:40

Aftermusic (Loop) 1:22

Wild Rain 3:09

Starcar 4:04

Strange Fascination 3:24

Sunny Day 6:38

Sunroof 2:44

Surreal Summer 3:13

Take Time 3:46

Through The Leaves 2:52

Times Changed 2:31

Times Two 2:39

Trust 2:35

Turns Of Phrase 4:31

Walking Blocks 3:23

Walking Blocks (Stripped Down) 3:23

Werewolf Sunset 4:07

Social Sneaks 3:12

Smooth 2:19

Slow Motion 2:47

Prince Newness (No Vocal Samples) 4:13

Prince Newness 4:13

A Player Leaves The Game 5:04

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