I usually try not to describe my music because I don’t really even know where to go.


Every project is kind of like a weird thing, you get obsessed with an idea or something, it could be a style, a music, what certain notes sound together or how instruments sound and in my mind I have this kind of thing ‘this synthesizer is like a palace made out of crystal’ and I try to figure out how to make a 40 minute version of this but it takes me forever because I’m not really a musician. (laughs) But still, the real musicians I know, some of my friends, they kind of work in the same way as I do. They just keep working with whatever they are excited with. It’s a process where you experiment, then you take the best bits out of it and then you do a collage of it… To me everything is like a collage at this point, especially in this digital age. You can do collage with almost everything, video, audio, animation… the medium becomes so much secondary, you’re just playing with these ideas, sounds, colors, lights or whatever.


Higher Hats 3:01

Beam Room 2:10

Beneath The Lake 0:36

Black Iron Prison 2:27

Carlisle 4:45

Chasm 4:19

Chrome Plates 4:02

A Dangerous Abstraction 3:16

Damp Cave 3:16

False Fortress 4:53

Flathead Ocean (Hello Sailor) 4:37

Forest Clearing 2:33

Hardcastle 3:19

Winding Passage 4:44

Humor Risk 2:46

Java 3:08

Land Of Shadow 4:16

Lazerquest 3:32

A Long Narrow Corridor 2:45

Loud Room 5:51

Mirror Room 1:30

Narrow Corridor 1:40

The Palace Of Light (Revisited) 2:48

Shore Of The Underground Ocean 2:35

The Temple Of Fine 3:09

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