Coastlands is an instrumental ambient/post-rock band out of Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2011, the band was drawn together by a mutual love of music and a penchant for unusual instrumentation and recording methods. Each member lends elements of their diverse musical experience, resulting in a sound that is expansive, cinematic, ethereal and highly textured. They have been featured in a number of documentaries, and their most recent release, “Come Morning, A Radiant Light,” sold out its first edition within days of announcing its pre-release.


Citing influence from artists such as Ef, Mono, Mogwai, and Logh, their own interpretation of the genre is heavily guitar-laden and woven with distortion and atmospheric resonance that traces the sweeping landscape of the Pacific Northwest.


Oleander 13:07

Oakwood Parks And Rec 7:28

Indian Jim 5:57

Harper's Ferry 6:42

Ginger Train 8:35

Fridea (My Brother, My Captain, My King Remix) 5:14

Elk Rock 10:36

Denton Winter (Dj Beatzmaru Remix) 6:41

Dear Ephesus (Exotic Club Remix) 5:10

Cicada 6:17

Abduction ( Justin Klein Remix) 5:09

The Wed 4:25

The Sun Returns To West Texas 1:53

Skeletons 8:01

The Scarlet Thread 8:48

Quietly, A Fire Blown Asunder 7:03

Old Alton Bridge 3:43

Introduction 1:37

Home, Again 6:05

Heron 10:49

Fridea 8:48

Eons 8:22

Denton Winter (Demo) 2:59

Denton Winter 5:26

Dear Ephesus 5:55

Communion 15:05

Come Morning, A Radiant Light 10:51

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