Josh Spacek

“That’s where the impact is, the emotion is—the swell of the band, the dying back down, pulling it back and pushing it forward. The give-and-take where they’re all fighting within the same space, that’s good music.”

Josh Spacek is a composer and producer from Portland, OR and is the the frontman and principle songwriter for Portland’s Monarques. When not writing songs for the band you can find him in the studio crafting music for licensing and listening to old records.


Young, Tough And Terrible 1:24

Sun Session 0:32

Street Dummer 0:35

Starting Over 2:30

Rivers And Mountains 1:22

Ambient 1 3:17

Busy, Making Plans 3:02

Girl On The Fridge 0:59

Marianne 1:38

Loaded 1:21

Little Strings 2:08

In The End 1:08

Sports! 1:01

Ghost Wife 2:11

The Little Things 3:10

Valentine 2:30

You Bastard! 1:04

Soul Shaker 3:53

White River 4:19

Six Weeks to Live 1:56

Menace 4:01

Pager 1:56

Lullaby 2:47

Shanty Town 1:08

Love Me Too 3:59

Let's Make A Pact 4:42

Just Like Starting (Over) 2:44

Highway 101 4:19

In Cold Blood 2:15

In A Dream 3:49

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